About Polaroids

*** * The Polaroids are not for sale. I bought the Polaroid SLR-680 in the mid-'8os so I can give away  instant pictures while on assignment for a National Geographic Book: Living On The Earth. During the entire trip and even afterwards, I managed to produce unremarkable snap shots by following the instruction that came with the camera. It was always with flash. As a result, the face looked harsh and the background  was almost always dark, unless it's outside. Then, one day, I decided to break all the rules and went out  to shoot without the flash. Well, the rest is history. The SLR-680 can produce some remarkable pictures even in low light. Of course,  I have to hold the camera very steady in order to get some of these shots. Most of the portraits were taken during "A Day In The Life" book projects. I was part of the photo crew and that gave me the chance to mingle and photograph some of the best known photographers in the world. I took the Polaroids just for fun and didn't think much of it. However, looking back now, I do regret for not shooting all of the photographers. The chance to be with the world's 100 best photographers is an honor and it's doubtful that it will ever happen again. I do have to thank Mr. Rich Clarkson for drafting me into a few of the book projects. Mr. Clarkson, at the time, was the Director of Photography at National Geographic and he gave me my very first assignment there. Aside from the portraits, there were a few pictures taken randomly such as the kitten drinking milk... I hope you all enjoy the Polaroid Gallery. And please toast a drink to the  photographers who are no longer with us. Cheers, Seny Norasingh